Used headphones

Time to split up the special’s page into two so one for headphones and another one for electronics.  Here I’ll list my used electrostatic headphones, either they were a part of my personal collection or were a part of some lot I bought so I refurbished them before listing.  Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in any item here.  I will reply to every mail so if you haven’t received a reply within 24 hours then feel free to send me another email.  Email gets lost all the time or is flagged as spam.  All prices in US dollars (USD).

Just a quick note about the used headphones.  With all electrostatic phones it is possible that they have developed squealing as debris enters the drivers with age.  This is something I actively look for and will put in the description (which most sellers would never do) but I might miss some as it can be so subtle.  Most of the time this is a minor issue and only comes into play when nothing is playing or on very quiet passages but it’s something I mention if I come across is.  Most of the Stax drivers are glued shut so they can’t be cleaned once this has come up.  Also the headphone stands the phones sit on are not included.

First off in my liquidation of my headphone collection, a Stax SR-Sigma Pro.  This one looks like new except the foam in the earpads is gone.  There are no more spare earpads so this is the nature of all Sigmas now.  This one sounds excellent and has just a small amount of intermittent squeal which all Sigma Pro’s I’ve heard suffer from.  Just the curse of not having full dust covers on both sides of the drivers.

This is one of the strangest set of headphones Stax ever made but they are very comfy and have a unique sound to them.  They were also the top of the line set from 1979 until the SR-Omega was introduced.  They come with the original box which is in pretty good condition as well.

Price: 1700$ plus shipping


Koss ESP950 which has been tweaked by me, fitted with the Vesper hybrid leather earpads and recabled with a Stax cable.  They are my favorite budget headphones once they have the new earpads, cable and some tweaking done to them.  They will come with the original earpads, some upgraded ones I found on ebay which are a nice upgrade over the stock pads as well as the leather Vesper pads.  It will also come with the original Koss leather bag they shipped in.

Price: 700$ plus shipping

King Sound H-03 which I’ve modified and fitted with custom made earpads made to my specs.  Stock these sound pretty terrible but the new alcantara/leather hybrid earpads clean up sound a lot and so do the internal mods I did.  I had the H-02’s back in the day and I never got them to sound this good.  They will also come with the original earpads if the buyer wants them and the original box.

Price: 630$ plus shipping

Stax SR-Alpha Pro also known as the SR-Gamma Pro in the west.  These use the same drivers as the SR-X Mk3 Pro but the different structure makes them sound rather different.  More open and airy sounding and not as monitor like.  These are in pretty good condition and the headpad has been washed on this set which is necessary for these sets.  They were covered with some foam like material which turns to horrible black dust these days.

Price: 440$ plus shipping

This is the original Stax SRS-001 setup in perfect working order.  I have too many of these so this one is up for grabs.  No mods done to this one so it is 100% stock.

Price: 330$ plus shipping


Here a set of Lambda Pro’s I’ve had for years.  They are from the early days of manufacture and still feature the original earpads as they are still nice and soft.  Not much else to say, they still sound and feel like a new set of Lambdas and are in excellent condition given their age.  No imbalance or issues like that.  Great sounding headphones that will last for decades to come.

Price: 360$ plus shipping


Updated 11.01.2018