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Time to split up the special’s page into two so one for headphones and another one for electronics.  Here I’ll list my used electrostatic headphones, either they were a part of my personal collection or were a part of some lot I bought so I refurbished them before listing.  Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in any item here.  I will reply to every mail so if you haven’t received a reply within 24 hours then feel free to send me another email.  Email gets lost all the time or is flagged as spam.  All prices in US dollars (USD).

Just a quick note about the used headphones.  With all electrostatic phones it is possible that they have developed squealing as debris enters the drivers with age.  This is something I actively look for and will put in the description (which most sellers would never do) but I might miss some as it can be so subtle.  Most of the time this is a minor issue and only comes into play when nothing is playing or on very quiet passages but it’s something I mention if I come across is.  Most of the Stax drivers are glued shut so they can’t be cleaned once this has come up.  Also the headphone stands the phones sit on are not included.

Here is a Stax SR-Sigma which started life as normal bias unit but I changed it to a SR-Sigma 404.  The Stax 404’s are getting thin on the ground now but I found a donor set for this build.

The Sigma 404 makes for a very different presentation to the more regular Stax sets.  Huge sound stage and with the 404, they have actual bass and treble response and is by far my favorite Sigma’s.   The housing has yellowed a bit with age and exposure to UV but otherwise they are in good condition.

Price: 1850$ plus shipping

Here is a stock SR-Sigma Pro’s with the rather rare late drivers.  This makes this the best sounding stock Sigma Stax ever made, more full sounding than the early Sigma Pro’s and close to the 404’s in performance.

This set came here in a rather sorry state, the arc had suffered heat damage and it affected the top of one earcup as can be seen in the pictures.  The headband was also trashed and so was the cable.  So I replaced the arc, headpad and cable with parts I had in stock.  Now they look good aside from that heat damage on top of the earcup and some paint peeling off the front facing grill.  Functionally they are great though and sound excellent.

Price: 1600$ plus shipping

Here is Stax SR-X Mk3 that I’ve changed to Pro bias to make the super rare SR-X Mk3 Pro.  To do that I used some Stax SR-Alpha Pro Excellent drivers (which are the same as Stax used in the stock Pro units) and fitted it with a Wide PC-OCC cable as well.  For earpads I’ve had made some custom leather units which are a bit thicker to improve the comfort as that has always been an issue with these.

In terms of sound they are something special, think of them as what Grado’s could sound like if they were any good.  Similar idea too, headphones sit directly on your ears but with the Pro bias, there is so much more energy in those drivers.  Much more bass, higher treble and a large sound stage.  Truly special sets and it’s just a shame Stax made such few Pro bias units, probably less than 200, so this is the next best thing.

Price: 1050$ plus shipping

Here is a very nice set of the lovely SR-Lambda Nova Signature aka LNS.  One of the best Stax sets ever made, a warmer and more forgiving sound compared to the more recent units.  This set has been completely refurbished, the drivers stripped of the old adhesive and re-glued to the baffle, all the old foam cleaned out, new earpads fitted and the stock headpad was too far gone so I replaced it with a SR-L700Mk2 unit.

Price:  750$ plus shipping

This is a Stax Lambda Nova Classic which I’ve fully refurbished.  This will be the last of these I’m able to do as the earpads and headpads are no longer available from Stax (the the black parts are sold now) but these just had to be saved.  Both earpads and headpads are new, the chassis cleared of all foam and cleaned up.

These are such nice headphones and shooting up in price.  They were the warmest and easiest to listen to Lambdas outside of the original Normal bias ones but with far more extension and presence.  Truly excellent units and this is a nice one.  No original box for them but they will be well packaged as is usual for me.

Price: 650$ plus shipping

Now this is a rare set, especially in this condition, a Stax Lambda Nova Basic.  Plenty of these were made back in the day but not many have survived in one piece, similar to the fate of the Lambda Spirit sets as they were the cheapest offering and were just chewed up.  It’s a nice change from the other Nova series, more direct and not as warm sounding.

Price: 490$ plus shipping

This is a clean and tidy set of SR-303’s.  The foam inside the earcups and covering the drivers had degraded so I cleaned it out but otherwise they look great and sound even better.  Comes with the original box as well

Price: 550$ plus shipping

This is a stock Stax SR-Lambda Pro.  It is nice condition and sounds excellent, drivers are perfectly balanced and I always prefer how these sound with the stock earpads compared to the later Stax units from the 202/207.

Price: 350$ plus shipping

I have a couple of these SR-X Mk3’s in pretty good condition.  The drivers are perfectly balanced and charge quickly and I’ve fitted them with some deep real leather earpads to make them more comfortable.  One of the best normal bias Stax units ever made.

Price: 280$ plus shipping

Here is a stock Stax SR-404 in good condition.  This is the second version of these which means it was fitted with earpads that had foam inserts which have crumbled away.  In every other way they look good and sound great.  Warmer and more forgiving than the modern Stax stuff but with some body to it.

Price: 400$ plus shipping

Second set of SR-404’s for sale.  Very nice condition and with the latest earpads.  Truly one of the best electrostatics out there at a sane price.

Price: 450$ plus shipping

A really nice set of Stax SR-5’s from the mid 70’s.  Uses the same drivers as the SR-X Mk3 and normal bias too (as there were no Pro bias sets back in the day, that came in 1982) and really nice, warm sounding headphones.  They also wake up with a good amp and really the final step of that design idea from Stax.

Price: 240$ plus shipping

Stax SR-50 electret unit which is pretty rare and only one of two closed electrostatics that actually work ok.  This set sounds great and look good for something made in the late 70’s.

Price: 260$ plus shipping

Stax SR-80 Pro electrets.  These were called the mini Lambdas back in the day and do sound really nice.  This set is in pretty good condition and they make for great test sets since you don’t need a bias supply for them.

Price: 210$ plus shipping

Here is a super rare one, the Stax SR-X mk1 aka. the first Stax to ever have a mesh driver.  This one was only out for a couple of years 1970-1972 when it was replaced with the Mk2.  That was also short lived as the Mk3 took over in 1975.  This one is up there with the SR-1 in terms of rarity but I’m trying to cut down my collection so it must go.  Comes with new SR-X earpads and is in very good condition for a set that’s this old.

Price:  350$ plus shipping

Here below is my entire reference collection of the Stax SR series, from SR-1 and through the SR-5.  Some of these I’ve had for close to 20 years but I never use them and I’m a bit over mindlessly collecting stuff so I’m listing them for sale.  Some of these are worth a lot of money and are very, very rare  so the prices will reflect that. They have all been cleaned, kept in a dust free cabinet and fitted with new earpads.  The old, rare ones I never used aside from plugging them in when I got them due to the rarity and collector nature of them.

This looks like a last version SR-1.  The inside of the earcups are white and not red/blue and this one is close to the SR-2 build.

Price: 1100$ plus shipping

SR-3 in perfect condition. This was the first of the “common” Stax headphones so these are relatively easy to find though not in this condition.  Great sounding headphones with excellent midrange but the top and bottom end extension is pretty limited compared to more modern units.  Still must have been quite special back in 1968

Price: 450$ plus shipping

SR-3New (aka the SR-4) in excellent condition. They look like new and just look at that cable… they never look like that these days.

Price: 400$ plus shipping

Finally, since I’m scaling down the collection I have few of these old style Stax stands for sale.  All different versions of these but I’m just listing them as a single listing and then the buyer can ask which version they’d like.

Price: 150$ plus shipping

Updated 14.01.2022