Welcome to Mjölnir-Audio, a home for everything to do with electrostatic headphones.  The whole idea for this venture came one night when designing some circuit boards.  I needed to put some labels on them so why not invent a company name.  It stayed that way for a number of years, just an in-house joke to put on PCB’s.  Later I started to have professional front and back panels made for my amps so it was logical to put a name and a logo on them as well.

This is the limited edition KGSS Neo and the new Octave V4 desktop amplifier

I’ve been building electrostatic headphone amplifiers for close to two decades now and I used to sell off the ones I had no use for.  My partnership with Kevin Gilmore has been very productive so we’ve been active in coming up with new amp designs over the years.  This means a lot of amps have been produced which are now in use all over the world.  One rule has been in place since day one, I will only charge what something costs to make and not a single cent over that.  Same goes for all the DIY parts I’ve had custom made for my use over the years, I’ve shared them with enthusiasts all over the world at cost.   Profit, or at least the hope of it, kills the community spirit inherent in the DIY world which is why we give away our designs and free time to help others.

Here is something fun, the new Carbon CC with the new Audeze CRBN and one rare beast, a SR-Omega fitted with early SR-007 drivers, quite possibly the best headphones in the world.