Stax sockets and plugs

I get inquires about obscure Stax sockets and plugs all the time so the plan here is to list what I have in stock.  These are intended for DIY builders so I will not supply large lots to anyone for any reason.  These are sold at cost and hand assembled so it makes no sense to do so. 

This is a drop in replacement socket for the genuine Stax units plus new builds.  These are 3D printed by a local company for me and have gold plated pins.  They come with the fixing nut and the connection PCB which makes wiring much easier. 

Price:  33$ plus shipping

These are the classic DIY Stax sockets which came out of the DIYT2 project that I’ve been using in my amps for 15 years.  They are fixed in place with 4 screws from behind the panel.  They are made of machined PTFE/Teflon and have the gold pins.  They also come with a small PCB which makes wiring them easy and foolproof. 

Price:  40$ plus shipping

These are my newest sockets and only intended for my most extreme amps.  They are machined from black PEEK which is very far from being cheap.  Still these are the best money can buy and they are the standard Stax size and fixed in place with a nut.  Small PCB on the back makes wiring foolproof and easy. 

Price:  85$ plus shipping

These are genuine Stax normal bias 6-pin sockets that I’ve pulled from equipment over the years.  They are the same size as the modern day Stax sockets but don’t have the PCB pins, just loops for wires.   They come with the nuts to fix them to a panel. 

Price: 35$ plus shipping

These are DIY Stax male plugs made from XLR plugs with a new insert.  They need to be glued together once wired up but they last for a long time and make it easy to rewire any oddball headphones out there or to make adapters.  ‘

Price:  30$ plus shipping

Last updated 12.11.2023