Cables and related items

Time to split up the pages further as this one will be for the special cables I build from time to time.  No silly headphone recabling or anything here though.  Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in any item here.  I will reply to every mail so if you haven’t received a reply within 24 hours then feel free to send me another email.  Email gets lost all the time or is flagged as spam.  All prices in US dollars (USD).

I was asked to build this by Bob Katz so he could plug two sets into his Carbon amplifier.  I figured I’d make a couple of extra ones in case somebody needs one like this.  So basically this is a small box with two Teflon Stax sockets and a 2M cable and Stax plug.  Now all of these parts are expensive so the unit cost is quite high but zero compromises here. 

Price: 275$ plus shipping

A Stax SRE-15S extension cables which was the top of the line cable before the ribbon cables were released.  It has a 6 pin socket and a 5 pin plug so it can be used with both normal and Pro bias sets.  It is 5M long and in good condition, with no rips or tears. 

Price:  115$ plus shipping

This is a Sennheiser HE90 (Orpheus) to Stax adapter.  It uses the original Fischer plug and has a built in 5.1M resistor inline on the bias which makes sure the charge characteristics of the diaphragm are to spec. The cable is a Stax round cable as it is a ribbon inside and it helps to relief strain. 

Price: 300$ plus shipping

This is the opposite of the cable above.  This takes the output from a Sennheiser HEV90 “Orpheus” amplifier and converts it to a Stax socket.  Not sure if there is any demand for one of these but I made some.

Price: 260$ plus shipping

This is a Monoprice Monolith electrostatic adapter to Stax so you can use them with any Stax amplifier.

Price: 85$ plus shipping

Somebody contacted me that he’s making these Koss ESP950 to Stax adapter plugs and I agreed to buy three of them to resell.  It’s been hard to get a hold of any Koss sockets to make these adapters so this is very much a DIY attempt.  They seem to work just fine though and do the job with the Koss plug on there nice and firmly. 

Price:  130$ plus shipping

This is a Koss E/90 to Stax adapter to make it possible to use any Stax Pro bias headphones off the amp bundled with the Koss ESP950/ESP9X0 setup. 

Price: 75$ plus shipping

This is a Beyer Dynamic ET1000 adapter so they can be used with a Stax normal bias amplifier. 

Price:  75$ plus shipping

I have some 10cm (4″) 3.5mm cables I made from off cuts from my longer silver cables.  These are the same 99.9999% pure silver in Teflon that I use in my Carbon CC.

Price:  75$ plus shipping

To compliment the Carbon CC, I’ve made interconnects using the same wire and Neutrik connectors.  The cable is three strands of 24AWG, solid core 99.99% pure soft silver braided together, finished with a clear Techflex and Neutrik connectors.  I can make XLR to XLR, RCA to RCA and RCA to XLR cables in various lengths and they are built to order as is needed.  I’ve been using these cables for about 12 years now and my entire system is wired with these.

Price:   400$ plus shipping for the 50cm length

             575$ plus shipping for the 75cm length

             700$ plus shipping for the 100cm length

Last updated 30.04.24